The honorable mentions series: Episode 1

I have my top 12, it’s true, and as of today they haven’t changed much. But even if a movie isn’t one of my 12 favorite movies of all time, it can still be one of those films that just sticks, or there’s just something about it. I’d like to call these the Honorable Mentions, and I want to acknowledge a few at a time here and there, because all good movies deserve a shout-out.

In the first installment of the Honorable Mentions series, I want to bring two movies to light: Clueless (1995), and Good Will Hunting (1997). They’re certainly not similar in any way, shape, or form, but I love them both dearly and I’d like to tell you why, as briefly as is possible for me.


clueless-poster-artwork-alicia-silverstone-stacey-dash-brittany-murphyI think that there are two reasons that this movie is one of my favorites to watch when I just want to curl up on the couch and relax:

1. I adore the way that this movie almost ridicules itself as it goes along. Cher is a classically blonde, popular, completely clueless (heh, see what they did there?) main character. But, instead of coming into play as the bully or the antagonist, she’s the main character. And it’s obvious to the audience immediately just how clueless she is – she thinks she’s going to lose her virginity to a gay guy. And I don’t know about anyone else, but I figured out he was gay about three minutes into his character’s entrance. But she becomes less clueless as the movie goes on, and I don’t know, I just like the way that they took a character that would have usually been disliked, made her the main character, and developed her to the point where she wasn’t an undesirable character anymore. She’s still a little ditzy and clueless, but lovably so.

f2b5d386949c0e3a8d37a87d2a8ae5bd2. Paul Rudd. I love Anchorman as much as the next person (oh, that reminds me – I haven’t done a post about Anchorman yet), but the younger, more dashing, more nerdy Paul Rudd is my favorite. Especially in this movie, because he’s just the cutest. He’s smart, he’s handsome, and he’s the protective male figure that cares about her and slowly falls in love with her because he can’t help it. And the first kiss is probably honestly my favorite movie kiss in the history of ever, and I’m not even sure why, but it gives me butterflies every time. Paul Rudd is the reason I love this movie.

I do believe in arguing effectively, and to do so, I have to concede that even if I like a movie, it has to have flaws. So I will be the first to admit that the largest flaw in this movie is that fact that Josh and Cher are technically half-siblings. But as far as I can tell, since Josh calls Cher’s dad by his first name, Josh is the step-son of Cher’s dad, and this makes them not biologically related, and that’s okay. It’s still a little weird though, I will say. But it doesn’t make me love the movie any less.

Good Will Hunting

1997-good-will-hunting-poster1I’m sure it will be much easier to argue my case here, since instead of a weird 90s movie, it’s a critically-acclaimed, award winning, classic 90s movie. And I simply want everyone to know that I agree with the millions who love this movie, and here’s why:

1. You have to know by now that I’m a sucker for the romantic. So it’s no surprise to anyone here that my favorite part about this movie is “I have to go see about a girl.” I love the original story about the baseball game, when Shawn tells it, and Will is just blown away by the fact that he gave up World Series tickets to talk to some girl he’d never met. And I love that the movie ends with it, because it’s romantic and because it’s my other favorite movie thing: full-circle plot wrap-up. I adore when the ending is a tie-in to something that happened earlier in the movie, or something along those lines. It just makes me feel good inside.

2. Surprisingly enough, I actually really enjoy the character of the professor. Not because I like the way he treats Will or the way that he treats Shawn, but I have respect for the way that his character changes in the end. You see a lot of pent-up bitterness in him throughout the movie that he takes out on Will and Shawn, and in the end he just sort of lets it go, and I respect that. I think his character is very well-developed and turns out alright in the end.

giphy3. Although I just said above that my favorite part of the movie is “I have to go see about a girl”, I have a habit of claiming multiple favorites, so forgive me when I say that my favorite line in the movie is “Do you like apples?” That line just cracks me up every time.

And to be fair to Clueless, I owe you a dislike about Good Will Hunting now. I suppose if I have to pick something, it would be…

…I was working on this about a month ago, and I was really making good progress, and I never finished it because I never came up with a thing I didn’t like. This is honestly a fantastic movie, and who doesn’t love baby Matt Damon? If I’m going to be really nit-picky, and also contradict myself a bit, I’d say that it bugs me that the professor seems to be a bit of a creep. But it also seems to be a part of his character, so I can’t even complain too much. I’m not saying it’s flawless, but it’s pretty close.

Tune in next time for some more honorable mentions!


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