Welcome to the bloggy part of my life. Primarily movie reviews, with some other thoughts thrown in here and there. Please allow me to introduce my alter-ego, the Penniless Writer.

I am a movie geek, self-diagnosed. My hands down, all-time favorite movie is Moulin Rouge (hence the coincidentally fitting pen name). I enjoy every genre to some extent, and I’m willing to sit down and watch any movie you give me.

I actually do some real writing too, although I’d love to write this stuff professionally. That seems likely, right? I spend so much time watching and talking about movies, I figured that having a blog about it may be a good idea.

Please enjoy and share. I don’t mind an argument, so feel free to tell me when I’m dead wrong on something (or if you wanna throw some weight in my corner, that’s welcome too).

Don’t hesitate shoot me an email: writingdunn@gmail.com.